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The Centre for Foundation Studies in Science which was established in 1977 offers Science Matriculation Programme which was to prepare students with basic knowledge in Science for entrance to courses in science-based courses in universities.

At present, the Centre for Foundation Studies in Science is preparing students to further their studies in Bachelor Degree Programs at all Institution of Higher Studies in Malaysia. Our main objective is to prepare students with comprehensive basic knowledge in Science and Mathematics in order to be competitive to enter critical science courses offered by the universities. At the centre, the students will experience learning in a university learning environment and develop their self-esteem through the activities conducted by the Centre, residential college and the university as a whole.

Until the 2005/2006 academic session, 18,948 students have completed the courses and 2,582 students in the Special Preparatory Program to Enter the Japanese Universities has succeeded to further their studies in various universities in Japan.
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