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Rancangan Persediaan Khas ke Jepun (RPKJ) or Special Preparatory Programme to Japan is a programme that derived from the second component of Malaysian Government Look East Policy, involve sending young Malaysians to go and learn the technology, culture and practices of the Japanese (as well as Koreans).

Among all the six Program Training Courses designed in such policy, which are:
(1) Entrepreneurship Development Training Scheme,
(2) Short-Term Training Program for Executive Development,
(3) Industrial Training and Technical,
(4) Technical Education Program,
(5) Japanese Language Teachers Degree Programme for Malaysian Teachers,and
(6) Academic Study Programme,

this programme lies under the sixth list, providing opportunities and sponsorship to current year excellent SPM school leavers to pursue degree level at selected universities in Japan once completing the preparatory course.

Last Updated: 04/09/2019