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The Biology DIvision of the Centre for Foundation Studies of Science is led by a Head, with the staff members consisting of 7 lecturers, one teacher (Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan), 4 lab assistants and one operations assistant.

THe Biology Division offers courses to students of Foundation in Life Sciences and Foundation for Islamic Studies and Sains (Life Sciences) students. All courses are taught in English as the medium of instruction.

Courses offered:

  1. FAD1001: BIOLOGY 1 

  2. FAD1002: BIOLOGY 2 

  3. FAD1003: BIOLOGY 3 

  4. FAD1004: BIOLOGY 4 

Among the topics thought in each courses:

1. FAD1001 : BIOLOGY 1

Cell Structure and Function,  The Chemistry of Life, Enzymes and Process of Cell Metabolism, Cell Division dan Histology (Plants and animal tissues) 

2. FAD1002 : BIOLOGY 2 

Plant Diversity, Reproduction and Development in Organisms,   Plant Diversity, Animal Diversity dan Ecology and Environment

3. FAD1003 : BIOLOGY 3

Autotrophic nutrition, Heterotrophic nutrition, Animal Respiration, Transport and Circulatory System, Responses and Coordination dan Adjustment and Control in Organisms

4. FAD1004 : BIOLOGY 4

Genetics and Heredity, Mutation, Human Genetics, Population Genetics and Genetic Engineering

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the basic concepts of biology

  2. Discuss the basic concepts of biology

  3. Apply biological concepts in lab work 

Reference books used:

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  2. Biology 11th Edition (2019). Eldra P. Solomon, Charles E. Martin, Diana W. Martin, Linda R. Berg. CENGAGE.

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  5. Comprehensive College Biology (2019). Mahanom Jalil, Maslenda Markom, Nor Azlina Abd Aziz, Noor Hashida Hashim, Haliza Hamzah, Nazira Zubir. SAP Publication.

Last Update: 05/07/2022